May 16, 2010

Maine Pyaar Kiya (2010)

Director: Abhishek Ghosh Choudhury

Genre: Romance/Drama/Short

Tagline: Love is magical.

Plot: An ugly video store owner falls in love with a beautiful struggling actress.

Runtime: 8 mins 48 secs

Language: Hindi

Story & Screenplay: Kunnal Pruthi

Mukti Krishan


Editing & VFX: Vijay Kumar Singh

Sound: Pranav Shukla

Music: Merrill Sequeira

Cast: Brijendra Kala, Shamoly Khera, Alkesh Dalal, Vinod

Category: 16mm Short Fiction Project


  1. I like the characterization in the film, they have been defined and depicted well...nice work Abhishek :)

  2. hey thanks Anu! also you were aware of the film at the scripting process too, so you know :)